Gene Flack
Gene has been Pastor of Glenrock Church for over 24 years. He came to Christ late in life and was called to Glenrock as Pastor in June, 1992. Glenrock is the only Church Gene has ever Pastored. "It is the greatest joy of my life to serve God in this capacity, with some of the greatest folks any Pastor could ever shepherd. I invite you to worship with us, and join us in taking the gospel of Christ into the world".   


Carla Wease

Youth Pastor

Bart Plaxco

Music Director

Monty Johnston
Growing up as a "church member," Monty realized that being a church member and knowing who Jesus is, was not the same as having a relationship.  At the age of 30, Monty fell to his knees and asked for the forgiveness, grace, mercy, assurance and hope that only God provides through Jesus Christ, our Mighty Savior.  Monty was given the opportunity and has served as a music director since February of 2010.