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Whether you are a current "believer and follower" of Jesus Christ, or you are seeking information about the Bible, Jesus, or God's plan and gift of salvation to "all who will ask for it", the following abbreviated message should be of interest to you. I would cherish the privilege and opportunity to converse with you in more detail if you would like.   Pastor Gene Flack   803-448-0373

TRANSFORMED vs. CONFORMED   -  Romans 12:2 and Romans 8:29

This message focuses on two "major" Biblical changes that take place when a person decides to turn from their current self-born, self-willed, self-centered lifestyle of being consumed by the desires of our flesh and this world, and instead desires to inherit the lifestyle of purity and newness that the Bible teaches can only be initiated and accomplished by Jesus Christ.
How can a person change from the way of the "world" to the way of "Jesus"?

First you must be "Transformed". This word in the Bible text (Romans 12:2) comes from the Greek work "metamorphoo, where we get our English word "metamorphosis, which means "a complete change of form, character, or appearance". This is what takes place when a "caterpillar become a butterfly" or a "tadpole becomes a frog". Yea, you got it...
a complete miraculous change!  
The Bible says that when a person decides to accept Christ, and His free offer of forgiveness and mercy for our sins, and chooses to invite Christ "into" their own lives, something miraculous happens. Another "metamorphoo!!!  This is best described in 2nd Corinthians 5:17 when the Bible says "If any person is in Christ, then they become a "New" creation. Old desires and passions pass away, and behold... "all things become new"!  Wow... That is neat and cool.  Have you been metamorphooed? Have you been "transformed" by Jesus? If so, then you have begun to learn what some of those "Churchy" words mean you did not understand before, like (a) being saved (b) being born again (c) being blood washed (d) sanctified, (e) changed, etc... Hey I like metamorphooed the best. Either way, or either word, you can know this... If you ask Jesus to come into your life ... He will.
Better Remember though... You can not metamorphoo yourself!  Only Jesus can do it.   John 14:6   1st John 1:9  
Ask Him and see!!!!!!

Second you must be "Conformed".  This word comes from the Greek word "syschematizo", which means "to be fashionhed to" or "to pattern or make yourself like someone or something else". This is where we get the term "Christlike", as we are called to become more like Christ. We are called "Disciples" which means "followers of Christ".
The Bible is clear... we are to become as much like Jesus & pattern our life after His as much as we humanly can... Romans 8:29.
God designed us to "become like Christ" through His plan of spiritual growth through applying the Word of God to ourselves.
2nd Peter 3:18.   Remember... we must allow ourselves to be "conformed". God does not force this on us. It is our own will and free choice to be conformed. We must allow Christ's teachings and character to become our life and action.
So... are you being conformed to Jesus?    Do you look more like Him every day?
Do others notice that your life has changed and is more like Jesus?
If not, let's get busy reading God's word so we know "what to do to look like Him".  
Try reading the Sermon on the Mount... Matthew, chapters 5-6-7, but be prepared. It is amazingly way above us humans.
But... if you conform to these teachings... you are moving some mountains.

1. You must be transformed (saved, born again, changed) by Jesus... Only He can do this kind of miracle work in you...
2. Then... you must conform yourself to the life of Christ. It ain't easy. It ain't over night. It ain't popular.  It is worth it!
HEY... Let me know if you would like to discuss these life changing Biblical disciplines further. I'll be "metamorphooed" if you do!  
Pastor Gene Flack