Psalm 95:1 O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.  

At Glenrock there are many ways to participate and contribute to our corporate worship through music.  We have a praise team consisting of musicians and singers, a worship choir and a children's choir that participates occasionally during the worship service.  But the easiest way to participate, is simply come and worship with us and sing your praise with a joyful heart!


The praise team consists of musicians and alternating singers who desire to lead the congregation in song.  Participants must have a relationship with Christ, a testimony they are willing to share, and follow the guidelines listed for the members of Glenrock and it's leaders.  Instrumentalists will have a moderate ability or training on their chosen instrument.  Choir Practice is currently held Sunday evenings at 5 PM.


The Worship Choir consists of any believer who finds it difficult to keep the love, adoration and thankfulness to and for The Holy Trinity inside!  We sing special celebrations at Easter and Christmas and contribute weekly to start our Sunday worship service with a song of praise to the only one worthy of praise!  Join us Sunday evenings at 5 PM to fellowship with us in song and praise in preparation for our worship Sunday morning!


There is a wonderful beauty surrounding children as they sing to our Lord!  Skits and dramas at Easter and Christmas can be unique reminders of the importance of Christ in our lives when presented by children.  All children are encouraged to participate. Practices will be announced and listed in the Church announcements.